Luxury Services & Amenities - Professional Marketing - Professional Management - Low Overhead

It's All About the Return On Investment (ROI)

8% - 14% per Annum

Villas las Palmas Tulum was designed to maximize rental income to Owners by offering all the services & amenities of a 5 Star resort to attract Guests renting the property, professional marketing and management and a low overhead so as to maximize the Return On Investment (ROI).

Which rental would you choose?

Imagine if you are looking at 2 properties, both the same rental rate, one with no services or amenities and the other with VIP membership to a beach club in Tulum, private concierge, bar-tender, chef, private shuttle to beach club, airport transportation, spa services, daily maid service and a plethora of other services. Which condo would you choose?

Professional marketing and management

In this day and age, marketing a property is an expensive, full-time and complicated task to say the least. Take for instance, the worlds top vacation property website, whereby just one of its algorithms to list an Owner’s property ranks by how quickly a reply is made to a Guests inquiry. Since we manage the entire property we are able to dedicate the full time staff needed to handle these and all the other challenges. By having the entire building to rent we can afford to market all the condos on all the top rental, property management and on-line travel agent web sites that must be done in order to be successful in todays rental marketplace. Something that for individual Owners would be impractical and too cost prohibitive to do so.

Low maintenance means more profit

Additionally, the property was designed to be as maintenance free as possible. For example, the exterior wooden columns will fool you into thinking they are real wood but in actuality they are a cement based product that is basically zero maintenance. We are the only developers in the area to have salt-water swimming pools, which are great for your health, the environment and requires no expensive chemicals. The monthly maintenance fees at Villas Las Palmas Tulum Luxury condos are 50% less than other developments in the area.

With the projected returns of 8% - 14% per annum this property will have great income for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come.

Download the ROI Projections

With 8% - 14% and more returns per annum with conservative projections you can understand why this project is selling fast.

Download the ROI Projections